fredag den 13. december 2013

Exersices in Style

We have had a great week with Matt Madden who taught us exercises in style from his own book on the subject.

First we had to do a very quick template about a student handing over a comic page to another.

Then we should retell it in a certain genre. I had to do it as a "spy"-thing.

The next day we had to redo it while experimenting with a new use of frames or point of view. I think my result was a lot better than the template.

In the fourth version I had to choose an other artist to copy. I tried to copy Mike Mignola (creator of "Hellboy"). I didn't quite succeed, but I learnt a lot and enjoyed the process.
The final challenge was inspired from "De fem benspænd" by Jørgen Leth and Lars von Trier. We had to come up with a list of rules for a classmate to follow. Mathilde was very creative in her challenge to me.
 - I could only use two shades of pink for characters and two shades of green for the background.
- No outline!
- It had to take place in Argentina
- A horse in each panel
- I couldn't use more than 4 hours on it.

I had a lot of fun doing this! The result is this weird little thing in spanish about a demonic horse :)