tirsdag den 20. september 2016

This blog is dead!

This blog doesn't get updated anymore.
Check out my tumblr or my online portfolio instead. 

Thank you!

fredag den 12. juni 2015

mandag den 8. juni 2015

mandag den 18. maj 2015

torsdag den 16. april 2015

Experimental comics

I have been working with experimental comics. The first one was drawn after a music video. The second is inspired by a short piece of text and the third came to be from a visit to the local museum and a funny pop song. 



mandag den 13. april 2015

Batman vs superman

It’s great fun to steal characters and poses, when my own creativity malfunctions :)

fredag den 10. april 2015


The comic was made inspired by this painting by 
Paul Klee and written with quotes from Alejandro Jodorowsky. I enjoyed it very much, even though the coloring took me way too many hours...